LogoEnergy, Earth, Movement, Joy of Living, …

This, and lots of other things you can experience with Wolara Drum n Dance – close and direct.

Regular Classes, Workshops, School-Courses, …
Following his own special way, founder Bouba Diakité strives for making the knowledge of West-African traditional rhythms, especially those of the Malinké and Susu, liveable by everyone.
No matter if you are beginner or professional, young or old – everyone is invited to feel at home!

Sense the energy of the drums, feel the connection to earth while dancing, recognize yourself as part of the ensemble when joining in to sing, engage in the ineffable oneness of rhythm and movement. Here you will find exactly what you need.
And if that’s not the case, make us a proposal! If your idea fits into our concept, we’ll simply open another course!

Because if there’s one thing we surely want, its to offer a moment of liveliness to as many people as possible!

As for that, teacher Bouba Diakité is not only a dancer and choreograph, but also a high star drummer and knows his way around a variety of traditional West-African instruments (Djembé, Doundounba, Sangban, Kenkeni, Bölon, Kiryin und Gongoma). With devotion, passion and energy, he has set himself the task of making the traditions of his homeland accessible to as many as possible.

Thanks to his unique pedagogical concept, Bouba Diakité manages to combine masterly the different levels and characters of his students in one single class, while at the same time living up to each and every expectation. Surely a unique experience!

Besides, Wolara Drum n Dance organizes workshops with international masters of their field, concerts, and even trips to Guinea – home of the Djembé.

And if you’re still searching for your perfect instrument, or need your beloved one to be repaired professionally, we are your place to go!


Life is Rhythm, Rhythm is Life.

And Wolara Drum n Dance offers you a variety of options to discover your own rhythm and your own liveliness.
Even the simplest dancing steps or drumming patterns create joy for living and a deeper connection to earth. Give it a try!

Looking forward to seeing you!