Drummer, Dancer, Singer, Choreographer, …Bouba_trad
Bouba Diakité is artist to the core.

With his open, warm and inspiring way he usually puts a spell on everybody.
If you ever had the pleasure to feel this collective energy, you are sure to remember this special moment for quite a while.

Originally from a Guinean family of artists, Bouba Diakité is drummer and dancer with body and soul. Already in early days he developed his lasting love for music. Only seven years of age he began his musical and dancing education at traditional festivities of the Malinké and Susu. Starting from the most important basic instruments Kenkeni, Sangban and Doundoun, he soon gave all his attention to the Djembé, making himself a name as Master Djembefola in the capital Conakry.
When turning 17 he had already started to train his own drumming students, to give dancing classes and to work as choreographer. Later, he became solo-drummer and dancer at the “Ballet Soleil d’Afrique” in Conakry, the “Ballet National de Guinée”, as well as the “Ballet Sourakhata”. Specialized in the traditional rhythms of Guinea, Bouba Diakité has learnt, among other famous Guinean artists, a whole lot from his uncle Aly “Alisco” Diabaté, an internationally successful Dundunfola, and, when it comes to dancing, from Sorrel Konté.

Since 2003 Bouba Diakité has been living and working in Germany and has made himself known all across Europe for numerous concerts or dancing- and drumming-events. And all the time its not only about teaching abstract patterns of dancing or rhythm, but rather to evoke a deeper understanding of West-African culture. As an example he also teaches at elementary schools in form of projects, where children are able to discover the musical culture of Black Africa.

His joy for life and his distinct pedagogy make him a remarkable teacher. With patience, devotion and a special mixture of heartiness and professionalism, he’s able to integrate all participants equally, and challenge every one individually at the same time. Filled with passion and energy he succeeds day after day, class after class, in offering a little bit of liveliness to each and every one of us, while making the traditions of his homeland a true experience.

By forming his own Reggea-Band, Bouba Diakité has now found yet another impressive option to truly touch people’s hearts and minds with his lyrics and melodies.