African Drumming is more than the simple production of sounds!

Drumming is rhythm, earth, liveliness. Drumming helps you to let go of everyday-trouble and re-discover the connection to your inner self.

Yet the simplest rhythm gives energy and joy of live. And there’s but one person who succeeds in communicating this in such an authentic, passionate way: Master Drummer Bouba Diakité.

His special competence of challenging advanced students and completely integrate beginners from the very first moment, leads to a very special dynamics of interaction. The energy created in this very process awakens a sense of security and community and encourages participants to trust themselves, grow braver and cross hindering frontiers. Learning, in this setting, is therefore a collective act, where everybody is challenged on his/her own special level.

And in the end its not all about learning to play Djembé. Everyone is invited to discover the traditional bass-drums Kenkeni, Sangban and Doundoun, or improve his/her existing skills. Completed by traditional songs of the Malinké and Susu, every class turns into a small African festivity, filled with positive energy and good spirits!

Step by and discover your own rhythm!

Currently we offer the following classes:

mixed level:

  • Tuesdays 19-21 o’clock, Buchberger Straße 6, Berliner Rockhaus, 10365 Berlin
  • Fridays 19-21 o’clock, Buchberger Straße 6, Berliner Rockhaus, 10365 Berlin


all new: The class for all parents who desperately want to drum but have no-one to take care of their little ones. Just bring them along! A very special type of drumming class.
Of course also beginners without children are welcome! As long as you can put up with a little bit of “creative chaos”!

  • Wednesday, 16-17.30 o’clock, Buchberger Straße 6, Berliner Rockhaus, 10365 Berlin

Especially for advanced/professional drummers we offer workshops on a regular basis, in which we concentrate on certain rhythms or groups of rhythms concerning timing, arrangements, bell-patterns, … Latest news you can find in our workshop section.